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Heart Function Clinic Management System(HFcMS)

Heart Function Clinic Management System (HFcMS) offers comprehensive clinic management software to handle all aspects of daily operations of a heart function clinic. These include appointment setting, patient-care charting, report generation, research data collection, etc. HFcMS can simplify clinic operations, coordinate care with multiple providers, and organize your clinical data for improved efficiency. HFcMS can be customized to cater the exact need of your clinic whether you have a small clinic serving a fewpatients or a large clinic with complex operations serving multiple clinics.

  • Cloud-based or desktop version
  • Patient's document management
  • Data analysis, trend(s) visualization & support for research
  • Report customization support
  • Support for outgoing HL7 reports
  • Work load measurement, audio note
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Universal HL7 Reporting System

Universal HL7 Reporting System (UHL7RS) offers seemless integration of your clinical database system with Electronic Health Record System (EHR). This product allows you to create a PDF report from your existing Clinical System and send the report to Electronic Health Record (EHR) System. The work could not be any simpler than this. This product allows you to create a PDF report from your existing Clinical System and send the report to Electronic Health Record (EHR) System.

  • Highly customizable report generation system to fit any clinical need
  • Very flexible HL7 interface for generation and transmission of results
  • Any vendor and/or clinical system can be integrated with this system
  • Minimal change in the overall operation of clinical work flow
  • Supports PDF, MS Word and other file format(s)
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Comprehensive Clinical Practice Guideline Library(ccPGL)

ccPGL is a content management system that stores evidence based practice guidelines(order sets, nursing chart, referral forms, assessment tools, reference materials etc.) for patient care powered by clinical decision support. It is a total solution for implementing your organization’s existing care-plan and make it easily accessible to provide standardized care. It is electronic but also has paper feel and also available as printed output. ccPGL is accessible at anytime, anywhere, from any device.

  • Evidence based guideline library
  • Patient triage (optional Module)
  • Built in logic /Required fields Ensure
  • User document and knowledge management
  • Supports data collection, analytics & reporting
  • Design & implement your organization’s care plan
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